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Next Live Gig - Pending, 2024

Providing band experience for beginners, minor instrument services, musical equipment hire, manages bands: The Tritones & Goatherder. 

Ray, Brendon & Cooper Richardson

Co-Managers Hot Tube Studios

“It is what it is”…

Buch Van Horn

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Swingin' Cat Blues

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Garage Band School

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Band Hire


(All rates subject to change and without notice)

Does not include the supply of P.A. gear


Standard: Mixed Radio D / CCR / Sex Pistols / Goatherder

Per Set     –        $500.00

Standard Plus: Mixed Radio A/B Plus D

   3 hr Gig     –     $1,250.00

Artists: Black Keys / Jimi Hendrix Experience  

Per Set     –     $600.00

Artists Plus: The Cult

Per Set     –     $700.00

New Year’s Eve: All Genres

Add Per Set     –     $300.00          



Deposit     –        $300.00 Up Front and Non-Refundable for All bookings               

 Deposit     –        $500.00 Up Front and Non-Refundable for New Years Eve Hire



    Room    –    $250.00

         Hall    –    $350.00



A            B           C           D

      A/B       A/C       A/D       B/C       B/D       C/D

      (2 Sets Add $200.00)



A           B           C

A/B           A/C           B/C

(2 Sets Add $100.00)



Drop D

A/D            B/D


GUEST/S:         (First and Second Set/s Only)


Solo/Duo Acoustic Set Price:


    Per Set     –        $100.00/$200.00

New Year     –        $150.00/$300.00

Contact: Grant on 0455 777 460


Song Sets

Jimi Hendrix Experience

Set A & B – Are you Experienced? Album

Set C – Axis: Bold as Love Album (currently unavailable) 

Set D – Electric Ladyland Album (currently unavailable)

The Black Keys

Set A, B & C – Covering songs from 1996 – 2014 

The Cult

Covering Songs from the album “Electric”


Covering songs from the album “Ultimate Collection”

Mixed Radio Songs

Set A, B & D – Covering songs from the last 4 decades

Sex Pistols

Covering songs from the Album “Never Mind the Bullocks”


Swingin’ Cat Blues Album (Originals)

Garage Band School



Drums, Bass, Guitar & Vocals SETTING 

Seeking Expressioins of Interest

          About Us!            
Three Brothers local to Cairns who formed a band and have played for over a decade, playing both covers and originals. We have attained both diplomas and certificates in music related to the guitar, bass & drums.
We are offering the opportunity for a select few to learn to play in a band atmosphere, hands on reality. We will be mentoring and coaching how to meet your responsibility in a band setting.
Doing What?    
You will be playing music with others along with a professional drummer. Two groups comprised of a bass player and two guitarists in each group.
For Who?           Anyone
Where?               Woree Residence (In our garage)
When?                Saturday’s (School Terms)
                                      Group 1      –     9:30am – 10:45am
                                      Group 2    –      10:45am – 12noon
How Much?      $50/hr Single Member Group
                                 $40/hr each Double Member Group
                                 $30/hr each Triple Member Group
                                      With Bonus 15 minutes!!
The Band –        Ray, Brendon & Cooper Richardson
                                 All Blue Cards current
Contact:             Grant on 0455777460
“Don’t Delay Only 6 Positions Available”
What Next?
  • Short phone call to familiarize ourselves
  • Then an Introduction day
What to Bring?
Your guitar/bass and practice amp.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
See ya then!

Formatted for Desktop 

Instrument Services



Tuning & Inntonation
Pick-up Adjustment & Balance
Neck Adjustment
Whammy Set-up
String Replacement
Nut Repair
Tube Amp Advice
Pricing     –        $40.00 (Labour Per Listed Above Item)
                     –        $120.00 Full Service (Strings & Nut Repair Not Included)
                       –        $20.00 Each Extra String In Nut Repair
 Contact: Grant on 0455 777 460
(All Responsibilities and Condition of Instrument Lies With Owner)

Equipment Hire


Room    –        Half day         $750.00
                               Full day          $1050.00
     Hall    –        Half day         $950.00
                               Full day          $1350.00
Half day          8 hrs
  Full day           12 hrs
(Includes Sound Engineers, delivery, set-up, operation & pack-up)


P.A. Hire Currently Unavailable


Full Payment To Be Paid Up-Front
Prices For Approximately 10km Radius Of Cairns City
Hiring Subject To Weather, Location, Times & Distance
Contact: Grant on 0455 777 460